The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO Tips – 2022

Local SEO Tips

If you are a business that focuses on the local level, you must take advantage of the power of local search. However, before you can do that, you must know how to implement effective local SEO. Learn here in this article, 10 Best Local SEO TIPS to optimize your business for local SEO.

1. Manage customer reviews

One of the things we take the most pride in is customer feedback. We value that clients have referred us to others because we have achieved the kind of result they were looking for. You can see that in our Google My Business reviews. For anybody who wants to achieve success in local SEO, encourage customers to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp. These reviews help give trust to other potential customers when they first make contact.

2. Always keep your website updated

Our website is kept up to date with local landing pages for trainings, and we promote these trainings on social media. By combining local content with multiple marketing platforms, such as email and social media, we are able to promote our trainings effectively.

3. Contract an expert

Sometimes as a small business Owner, it’s necessary to delegate responsibility and stand apart from someone who knows what they’re doing in order to get good results. When it comes to the local SEO black box, an expert’s opinion and assistance is the key.

4. The Power of Wonder factor

To optimize your business for local SEO, you need to be aware of your workflow and look for jobs that have the “wow” element. So keep your eyes open and look for those jobs. Then, it will be so easy to create content that shows what you can make.

5. Be your audience

Get out of your “business brain” and put yourself in the position of your audience. It looks simple, but sometimes it’s as simple as altering your perspective that can help you target keywords and phrases that you personally wouldn’t use, but are used by your audience.

6. NAP Data

One of the major factors to help boost your local SEO is to make sure your NAP data (Name, Address, and Phone number) is listed the same way everywhere. If you have budget, I recommend using a program like Yext to update your data in 82 different directories, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp.

7. Schema Markup

Build schema markup on your website. This will allow Google to better match your business with relevant local searches. You’ll want to play up this markup wherever you describe your business on your website. And, if you have multiple locations, make sure to add the schema markup to each location page.

8. Good Content

Customers want local content like never before. They want to know about what’s going on in their neighborhood. Feed that machine and people will take notice. After that, a local business doesn’t need an article in the Wall Street Journal, it needs someone to mention how good they are on the Next Door.

9. Use Google My Business

Here’s my #1 tip for optimizing your business for local SEO is to make sure your Google My Business profile is fully optimized. Include all the required information such as business description, opening date, service description, short name, etc. It is also important that you post images as often as you can. According to Google, profiles with photos receive 42% more click throughs to their location and 35% more clicks to their websites.

10. Google My Business Posts

Profiles on Google My Business are important. Because prominent, relevant profiles are more likely to show up in local search results, they matter. How can a small businesses make their Google My Business profiles more relevant and prominent? By doing what Google wants you to do with a profileā€¦post. Post events. Post status updates. Share photos. The more active and complete your profile is, the more likely Google will look at it favorably.

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